Medical communication spans a range of activities and target audiences. Healthcare professionals need to stay up to date with the latest research and guidance, payers need health economics evidence about new medicines and interventions, and patients require information to help them take an active role in treatment decisions.

From publications and congresses to advisory boards, Prism’s approach to medical communications ensures that the business objectives are met whilst maintaining the highest scientific standards.

 The predictions made by the advisors represented valuable information that can be used by stakeholders in our company to support future strategic decision making. This will open up several specific disease areas of interest.

Strategic Advisory Board

Prism worked efficiently in collaboration with the client to describe the study design and results in a manner that justified their scientific conclusion and commercial imperative.

Primary Manuscript: Exploratory Phase II Study

Company reputations rely on how they communicate data and how they interact with the scientific community. Prism’s integrated team of scientific writers and experienced medical affairs professionals allows you to be confident that your reputation has grown. 


Our physicians are experts in their own right and can interact on a peer-to-peer basis with your existing leaders and help you develop advocates for the future.

Liaison with our clinical development teams provides a link between research and medical education. This means the knowledge developed during the conduct of clinical studies can be reused within the medical communication plan. 

A valuable and easy-to-digest resource for internal
and external stakeholders who were unable to attend
the congress.

International Congress Report