Promotional compliance can be a complex and lengthy process, this often takes up time from colleagues who have other obligations that cannot be delegated. 

Prism provides the means to make sure your internal resources are released to focus upon where they can provide most value.

 Prism’s pharmaceutical physicians performed a top-line medical review of the content, ensuring that all material was medically accurate, clinically relevant and approvable.

Accuracy and Content Reviews

”…One of the most efficient and effective interactions we have had with reviewers and signatories. Our in-house reviewers have not only enjoyed the project but have learned a lot from your team.”

European Promotional Regulatory Affairs Lead

We adopt a flexible approach to promotional compliance that best suits our client’s needs. We have a multitude of experts that can review and certify your work as and when required. 

Established processes across global clients in multiple languages vary from editorial & content review through to support with company medical sign-off.

Transparent pricing utilising appropriate team functions and skills ensures the review process is as cost-effective as possible, with structures either charged on a pure time or a per page model.

If a supplemented team member is required to ensure reviewer availability, we can ensure availability is provided at a fixed number of hours per week.

 A standardised annotating system was designed and implemented across all markets. This ensured that review comments were simple to interpret and consistency was achieved throughout all promotional materials.

Multi-language review