All Prism services are here to help our clients deliver their objectives smoothly and to the high standards we all expect. 

Sometimes our client’s in-house teams have insufficient headcounts to address present or upcoming workload. If it is not possible to identify a body of work that can be outsourced to help relieve this burden, then a Prism Placement can be the solution.

 Do you have anyone on your staff that is familiar with
drug development in Parkinson’s Disease who would
be able to help with a Target Product Profile and CDP
for a new levodopa formulation?

VP Drug Development Europe

 Could you phone me tomorrow. I’m available from shortly after 8am and before 10am. I am looking for someone very quickly and for about 3 months if you could help.

Director of Safety Surveillance

Our Clinical Scientists and Pharmaceutical Physicians have relevant background to cover clinical operations, study physician and pharmacovigilance roles, and development leadership across a diverse range of therapy areas. 

If an item by item based outsourcing model does not suit your purposes, then we have Medical Information Officers, Scientific Advisors and Pharmacists suited to undertake copy review and signatory activities as a part of your existing team.

Whether gaps have arisen due to sickness, peaks in activity, positions awaiting appointment, or simply to provide a more flexible solution to a full-time employee; Prism has consultants available to support Clinical Research and Promotional Compliance roles.


For more information or to discuss how our team can help yours, please get in touch.

 I have a new request. Pending some project
expansions I am now looking for a project lead
physician in a putative later phase oncology program
which I think would comprise a 0.5 FTE.

Chief Medical Officer